My Day Off

I took Monday off to tick off quite a few chores that have been slowly building out my “to do” list. In addition to taking care of business, what kind of day off doesn’t incorporate good food?

Breakfast Croissants


Breakfast: two mini croissants and a cup of coffee.

TIP: I LOVE the frozen croissants sold at Trader Joe’s! My husband and I buy both the croissants and pain au chocolat (chocolate croissants). When you want a croissant the next day, thaw overnight, brush with egg the following morning and bake 15-20 minutes in the oven. BEST CROISSANTS EVER! (Well, outside of France…)

Kissed my husband goodbye, then started on my multiple chores for the day. Before I knew it, my husband had biked home – our first weekday lunch date in who knows how long?!

Lunch: Rosemary turkey and Muenster panino with mustard, lettuce and tomato.

Homemade Panino

Homemade Panini

NOTE: Panini is plural for panino. Yes, this means that means if you wanted to order 2x cappuccino, you would want “due cappuccini.” Thank you to a good Italian friend for setting me straight!

TIP: Though most panino recipes advise you to brush olive oil on the bread before putting into your panini press, my husband (who is brilliant), bought olive oil spray, which helps distribute the olive oil evenly while also enabling you to use less.

Time to watch a little TV and relax on the sofa, then up to run a few errands before starting on my masterpiece of the day – dinner!

Coq au Vin

Coq au Vin and Garlic Roasted Potatoes

Dinner: Coq au vin

After a nice day off, I was in the mood to cook a yummy, somewhat elaborate dinner. I decided to try Ina Garten’s recipe for coq au vin.

The recipe turned out really well. Unfortunately, we don’t have cognac on hand, so I had to skip that step.

I tossed some yukon gold potatoes with olive oil, dried minced garlic, salt and pepper, and popped them into the oven to roast for 20 minutes before cooking the coq au vin and then for another 20 minutes after.

NOTE: The temperature for cooking coq au vin in the oven is MUCH lower than the temperature required for roasting potatoes. By roasting the potatoes just before and after baking the coq au vin, both dishes will be finished in tandem.

All in all, I had a yummy day off. Can’t wait to do this again!

One Response to “My Day Off”
  1. No dessert? I made a great variation on coq au vin–“rigatoni with braised chicken and saffron cream.” It was just unbelievably delicious!

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