Lost in SoMA: Fondue Cowboy

Fondue Cowboy ExteriorMy husband and I have been wanting to try Fondue Cowboy for a couple months now and we finally made it last weekend. It’s a cozy, laid back lounge with delicious food and a pretty good drink list (wine, beer and cocktails).

We had the “Stage Coach,” which consists of Comté cheese, white wine and roasted garlic. We got a sausage plate to share, a couple beers, then finished everything off with a decadent dark chocolate and cayenne pepper fondue called “Happy Trails.”

I can definitely say we left the lounge happy. Not only were the homemade marshmallows divine, but the chocolate bread served with the chocolate fondue – spectacular!

I tried to document our meal, but it was too dark inside for my cell phone camera (ahem, it is a lounge…), so you’ll just have to check it out for yourself!

NOTE: The above photograph is borrowed from Fondue Cowboy’s Web site, I did not take this photo myself, nor do I claim to.


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