Sunday Supper: Roasted Garlic & Mushroom Bruschetta

Roasted Mushroom BruschettaI have Sundays where I love to spend hours cooking some of my favorite comfort food dishes, like chicken pot pie, beef stew and more, but today was not one of the those Sundays. My husband and I were in the mood for a simple supper, so I decided to roast some mushrooms the way my dear friend and colleague showed me at a recent dinner party. Paring that with toasted baguette, we instantly had a bruschetta, and finished off the meal with a chopped Caprese salad. (See my recipe for Caprese salad.)

I picked up some Chanterelle and oyster mushrooms, tossed them with olive oil, dried minced garlic and red pepper flakes, then roasted them in a 400 degree Fahrenheit oven for 30 minutes. A tip from my friend: salt the mushrooms after they’re roasted – it will help them retain water.

Simple Sunday Supper: Caprese salad and roasted mushroom bruschetta

So, that’s it! As easy as it gets for something so yummy!

For the chopped Caprese salad, we had some beautiful yellow and red heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and fresh  mozzarella. These are quickly becoming staples in my refrigerator. After giving everything a rough chop, we just shake one part balsamic vinegar with two parts olive oil, add salt and it’s good to go.

One Response to “Sunday Supper: Roasted Garlic & Mushroom Bruschetta”
  1. Luca and Dushka says:

    Fabulous. 🙂
    Salting the mushrooms after is so that they DON’T retain water.

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