Corned Beef Hash & Eggs: My Favorite Weekend Breakfast

Corned Beef Hash & EggsI love savory, hot breakfasts. I have to say, my favorite weekend breakfast is a guilty pleasure: corned beef hash and eggs. From time to time, I’ll make the corned beef hash from scratch (I highly recommend the Food Network’s recipe for corned beef hash), but I tend to prefer having it straight from a can. It’s much easier than making the dish from scratch and it’s less expensive, too.

In addition to the time and money savings from making corned beef has from a can at home, I often find that corned beef hash served in restaurants isn’t that great. I find restaurants often serve the dish with huge chunks of beef and HUGE chunks of fat. Sure, I know my favorite breakfast dish isn’t the most healthy meal out there, but I’d rather not be reminded of that with every bite.

I like to buy canned corned beef hash from either Hormel or Libby’s – just depends on what the store has in stock. Fry up two eggs over easy and toast some cracked wheat sourdough bread, and breakfast is served!

What is your favorite guilty breakfast?

One Response to “Corned Beef Hash & Eggs: My Favorite Weekend Breakfast”
  1. Hoods & More says:

    Corned beef hash & eggs the best, think I’ll make some now.

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