Pad Ka-Prao

Pad Ka-Prao

During my trip to Thailand, I had a wonderful dish called Pad Ka-Prao. I happen to love ground pork and rice dishes, and the dish’s flavor of basil plus a hint of chili is fantastic. Check out the original photo of my Pad Ka-Prao dish. As I wrote last week, I was disappointed not to … Continue reading

Thai Cuisine

Green Chicken Curry

My parents recently came to visit from the U.S. and we took a quick 6-day trip to Phuket during their stay in Asia. It was my first time to Thailand and I couldn’t wait to eat Thai food at every meal. I have an unhealthy obsession with Thai food, to be honest. Anytime a colleague … Continue reading

New Flickr Photos!

Since moving to Hong Kong from San Francisco in April, I’ve really slowed down (okay, stopped) chronicling my food adventures in the kitchen. And yet, I have enjoyed so many wonderful food experiences since moving to Asia that have opened my eyes to a new world of culinary arts. From our excursions around Hong Kong … Continue reading