Delicious Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Delicious Sour Cream Coffee Cake

My husband and I LOVE coffee cake. When I was in college, I came across a great recipe from Stonewall Kitchen for blueberry sour cream coffee cake. At the time, I didn’t have blueberry jam, so I decided to make a few changes to make this recipe my own. The original recipe is for a … Continue reading

Corned Beef Hash & Eggs: My Favorite Weekend Breakfast

Corned Beef Hash & Eggs

I love savory, hot breakfasts. I have to say, my favorite weekend breakfast is a guilty pleasure: corned beef hash and eggs. From time to time, I’ll make the corned beef hash from scratch (I highly recommend the Food Network’s recipe for corned beef hash), but I tend to prefer having it straight from a … Continue reading

Pancakes! (Recipe Inside)


When I’m in the mood for fluffy pancakes, I use Alton Brown’s “instant” pancake mix recipe. The recipe enables you to make a bunch of “instant” pancake mix that can be stored up to 3 months if well sealed. I often make the mix from scratch, however, for the exact amount of pancakes I plan … Continue reading

Buttermilk Scone Recipe

Fresh Baked Scones

My favorite tea room and restaurant is a little place on High Street in Oxford, England, called The Rose. They have the BEST scones I’ve ever tasted. The Rose is practically across the street from the house where I lived while studying abroad at Corpus Christi College at Oxford University, and I would visit any … Continue reading

My Day Off

Homemade Panino

I took Monday off to tick off quite a few chores that have been slowly building out my “to do” list. In addition to taking care of business, what kind of day off doesn’t incorporate good food? Breakfast: two mini croissants and a cup of coffee. TIP: I LOVE the frozen croissants sold at Trader … Continue reading