Dirt Recipe: Halloween Graveyard Edition

Our community hosted a Halloween potluck this year and I signed up to make “dirt.” A favorite vanilla pudding, oreo and gummy worm dessert from my childhood, instead of making this in a flower pot, my sister recommended I try a graveyard edition using Milano cookies and icing to make gravestones. So here it is! … Continue reading

Prune Flan Cake

My husband and I are spending a week back in California for his birthday and to visit our families. By coincidence, one of my husband’s cousins from France is visiting his family for the summer. He happens to be a professional French chef! Safe to say we are eating like kings 🙂 Here’s Matthieu’s recipe … Continue reading

Flourless Chocolate Cake

When you want to bake your way into heaven, try this recipe for flourless chocolate cake from the Gourmet cookbook. It’s a simple easy recipe that will make your family, friends, co-workers and even strangers think you’ve studied the culinary arts. Check out my Flickr stream to see a slice of flourless chocolate cake. You … Continue reading