Green Beans Almondine

Breaded Salmon, Green Beans Almondine and Coconut Rice

One of my favorite fast and simple side dishes is green beans almondine. My college roommate, Amanda Fenton, showed me how to make this and it’s been an awesome ‘brag dish’* for me ever since! For this meal, I bought some French style green beans, but you can use any type. Ingredients 1 C sliced … Continue reading

Chicken Ratatouille – Family Twist on a Classic French Country Dish

Chicken Ratatouille

This recipe was passed down from my mother-in-law’s French family to my husband. Ratatouille is typically a vegetarian dish, but my husband’s family likes to cook the stew with a whole chicken and serve over steamed white rice or with roasted potatoes. Though he’s made ratatouille over the stove, my husband and I decided to … Continue reading

Raclette: A Stinky, Yet Satisfying French Treasure


My husband is half French, born in Paris. A few years ago, we traveled to France to visit his aunts, uncles, cousins and close family friends. We were lucky enough to stay with family and friends the whole time, which meant we had a LOT of delicious home-cooked French food. My favorite discovery on that … Continue reading

My Day Off

Homemade Panino

I took Monday off to tick off quite a few chores that have been slowly building out my “to do” list. In addition to taking care of business, what kind of day off doesn’t incorporate good food? Breakfast: two mini croissants and a cup of coffee. TIP: I LOVE the frozen croissants sold at Trader … Continue reading