Pot Roast

Now that it’s finally getting cooler, I’ve been in the mood for lots of warm, cozy comfort food. My Mom’s pot roast is at the top of that list! Here’s her recipe, which we made together earlier this week. If you’re short on time, you can dump everything into your pan (or slow cooker) raw, … Continue reading

Thanksgiving in Hong Kong

Turkey from Magnolia

Thanksgiving in Hong Kong will never be the same as gathering around a table with family and friends back home. This year, my husband and I may have been thousands of miles from home, but we were able to enjoy quite the delicious Thanksgiving feast with friends. Thanks to 3 Star Backer, we gathered at … Continue reading

Thanksgiving with Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's Thanksgiving Dinner

I never get enough Thanksgiving dinner on the actual day, so I prefer to start early 🙂 While at Trader Joe’s this weekend, my husband and I picked up a rolled turkey breast with cranberry stuffing, canned green beans, fried onions and sliced cremini mushrooms. I had already picked up some purple and Russian potatoes … Continue reading